It’s Monday and thus we begin another work week.

By the end of the week, someone (usually several someones) will go above and beyond the call of duty in support of our clients or in support of his/her peers at XL Group. And so we recognize them.

According to Psychometrics, “When asked what leaders could do more of to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied ‘Give recognition.’” If you’re interested in more research on the topic, Berks and Beyond references this study or check out this list of 12 statistics on employee recognition.

We don’t get everything right at XL, which is why we enjoy learning about how other organizations do things. However, one thing we do get right and that we like to share with other companies is our Friday recognition.

Daily, we have short “Lightning Rounds” (a quick company-wide meeting) where the entire company reads off their top three priorities for that day. On Friday, we change it up and review the projects that received the most work hours that week and then we do a round of recognition. This is a moment in time we carve out every week for XL team members to publicly recognize each other for not just good work but work that is exemplary.

In the weekly hustle it is easy to let Monday-Friday to pass by, exit into the weekend, and start again without ever taking time to make note of the hard work and sacrifices made during each weekly sprint. We are social creatures and while we all get rewarded through our regular paychecks, our paychecks do not provide an emotional connection to our work and to our teams. We are all responsible for that connection.

On Friday, a handful of XL team members will get up and take responsibility for that connection by recognizing peers who they observed challenge themselves to not only get the job done well, but to do so with an aim for excellence and accountability to self, team and clients alike.

This Friday, if your company does not already have a similar practice, we encourage you to call for a moment for team members to recognize other team members. You may end up hearing about efforts that would have otherwise flown under the radar and you’ll definitely end the week on a high note.

For more reading on the topic of recognition, here’s a good write-up on why recognition is essential.